Paul Zak - Can You Manage Self-Management?

By Amy Andresen


Paul Zak, author of The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity, presents his method for applying the insights of his research to organizations at the 2013 Symposium.

Ken Everett - The Surprising Value of Conversations

By Amy Andresen

Organization Transformation

If you lead a command-and-control organization, stick with traditional one-way communication.  If you hope to build engagement, excite millenials, and profit from the ideas of customers, staff and suppliers, then learn to host conversations, which include CLOUs [Colleague Letters of Understanding]. Ken's session tells why it is hard to give up the podium and Powerpoint, what new skills are needed, and how conversations, of even up to a hundred people, can transform levels of engagement.

SMI recently traveled to the Carmel home of Dr. Peter Koestenbaum, co-author with Peter Block of Freedom and Accountability at Work. Dr. Koestenbaum is the founder and chairman of PIB.Net, (for Philosophy in Business), and the Koestenbaum Institute, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.  In 2000, he asked the hard questions in the influential Fast Company article Do You Have the Will to Lead?