Work Revolution co-founder Josh Allan Dykstra interviews Doug Kirkpatrick from the Morning Star Self-Management Institute.  The discussion begins with a brief history of Morning Star and the development of Self-Management, then covers a wide range of topics, including: CLOU, Steppingstones, Gaining Agreement and the "Misperceptions of Self-Management" outlined by Frederic Laloux in his article on the SMI site.

SMI recently traveled to the Carmel home of Dr. Peter Koestenbaum, co-author with Peter Block of Freedom and Accountability at Work. Dr. Koestenbaum is the founder and chairman of PIB.Net, (for Philosophy in Business), and the Koestenbaum Institute, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.  In 2000, he asked the hard questions in the influential Fast Company article Do You Have the Will to Lead?

Professor Gary Hamel asks Chris Rufer, the founder of The Morning Star Company, how capital budgeting decisions get made at Morning Star.  While there is a formal process for large expenditures, every self-managed colleague has the freedom as well as the responsibility to acquire the resources that they need to achieve their Personal Commercial Mission.  Chris explains his thinking behind the lack of specified budget authority at Morning Star.