Leveraging Gamification to Drive Engagement - Tac Anderson

By Amy Andresen


The integration of game elements, or gamification, in design, internal or external marketing strategy or, as an employee management tool is a blossoming trend--in fact 2012 may be the Year of Gamification. The term gamificaition is used to describe organizations using game mechanics to drive engagement in traditionally non-gaming scenarios. Brands are leveraging game mechanics to encourage external audiences to engage in desired behaviors and some companies use gamification techniques for internal employee motivation. We will explore often used and confused terminology of Game Mechanics, Game Design and Gamification; discuss examples of how brands are leveraging gamification to influence audiences; and discuss top best practices for success.

A Model for Systematic Performance Feedback in a Self-Managed Work Environment

By Doug Kirkpatrick

Recommended Reading

Most employers and employees hate the annual performance review (an artifact of industrial-age pay justification) with good reason. This whitepaper suggests a mentoring model for the systematic delivery of effective, real-time performance feedback that can provide tangible business results.

A few weeks ago, a colleague sent me a well-reasoned note that pointed to what he felt were contradictions between a few of my previous blog posts. He reminded me that Self-Management derives a great deal of strength from the cross-colleague feedback that the organizational model should foster. It forms a sort of self-regulating organization that, theoretically, is far stronger than the traditional hierarchical model in that each and every colleague is charged with addressing and correcting issues they perceive within the organization.