Apple, Inc., the California-based designer, developer and retailer of the absolute best computers and personal electronic devices on the market (I'm not biased), has long been renowned for it's exceptional design team.  Apple's innovatively designed products have been the company's competitive advantage for many years, and new products, when released, are often trailblazers in their respective markets.

Making Difference Culture

By Amy Andresen

Case Studies

Yota, a mobile company based in Russia, joined us at the 2013 Symposium to present this case on transitioning to Self-Management.

Values Based Culture: The Zappos Way - Robert Richman

By Amy Andresen

Principles has become known for creating a culture where people love to work and customers rave about their service. And businesses are realizing that culture is what ultimately determines long term success. Join us for a talk about the principles behind creating a values-based culture that transcends strategy, market conditions and even people.

Gaming Happiness at Work - Daniel Mezick

By Amy Andresen


Happiness at work is a game. If the core requirements for happiness at work are not present, your people disengage...and check out. If the core requirements are there, your people automatically experience fun, satisfaction and potentially, a deeply engaged sense of well-being.  Attend this session to learn how to deliver happiness and much higher productivity through the intentional design and implementation of good-game mechanics in your workplace.