Gaining Agreement Webinar

By Amy Andresen

Paul Green Jr. and Amy Wardell host a webinar on the Gaining Agreement process at Morning Star.  We start out with a brief introduction to the process, but focus mostly on questions.  For more background on the process, check out our previous video "How Do You Handle Disagreement in Self-Management".

Questions Addressed:
* What if there's a disagreement and one person just backs down?  They are too busy, too tired, or they feel like it's not worth it to keep fighting, what happens in the that situation, especially if it happens multiple times?
* What happens if when an issue is escalated (and the deeper truth comes out), instead of converging (or coming to consensus), the group diverges and you end up with opposing factions?
* Do you have an idea of how often disagreements reach the level of a panel?
* Who is eligible to be a third party in the 2nd step of the process?  Is there a training?
* Final step: The Principles have changed so that one of the options is for the President to simply decide the issue (rather than joining the panel as in the past).  Why the change, and is that still consistent with Self-Management?
* How often are personal relationships damaged with this process?
* How do you keep the time involved in the process from becoming excessive?  How do you keep the interpersonal management from being a distraction from value-creating work?
* What are your thoughts on the final step in the process if there is more than one owner? How would a final decision be made if owners can't agree?
* The final outcome in the Gaining Agreement process ends with the President/Owner, what is to keep colleagues from going directly to the Owner to settle the dispute? Does this happen frequently?
* The process relies on individuals approaching other individuals.  Is there any way for individuals to know that others hold the same opinion?
* How do you handle perceived legal breaches (such as sexual harassment)?
* Do you approach management of creative people differently than accountants?