Paul Green, Jr.

Research; Speaking; Writing; Strategy; Training; Program Development

SMI Staff


Photo of Paul Green, Jr.

Paul Green Jr. developed a deep interest in management and organizations while building a business that he co-founded in Central California.  He realized that a few subtle tweaks to the rules of organizing can bring about unbelievable benefits within a business, and he set out to build a business that epitomized the effective organization.

He joined The Morning Star Company in 2006 and devoted his efforts, almost exclusively, to developing and applying the Self-Management philosophy. He was instrumental in the formation of the Self-Management Institute.  He believes that today’s model of human organization has outlived its usefulness, and that the only true sustainable competitive advantage for today’s enterprise is an organization that is built specifically to foster constant innovation, and enduring excellence in performance.

Paul is a lover of empirical research, and enjoys reading theory.  He’s passionate about building strong research-practice relationships between industry and business academia.

Paul lives in Central California with his wife, Shawna, and his three children.