The Self-Management Institute was formed in 2008 as a research and education organization focused on the development of superior systems and principles of organizing people.

Our founder, Chris Rufer, developed, early on in his entrepreneurial career, a general business philosophy around the fundamental cornerstone that simply states that Self-Management is the most effective and efficient method of organizing people. It’s the way families are organized; it’s the way community relationships come to be; it’s the way that the most prosperous economies are organized. Is it possible to capture that effectiveness and efficiency in commercial relationships?

Our goal is to continue to define, refine, and propagate the principles and tools of Self-Management, enabling that effectiveness and efficiency to become reality. 

Explore the site to learn more about the Institute, or you may contact us via email. You can also hear Chris Rufer, our founder, speak about Self-Management on the Harry Browne radio program.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to cultivate a superior organizaitonal structure and happier, more productive colleagues by creating and refining principles, systems, and practices of attracting, developing, and organizing people.

Our Vision

We envision a flourishing community of self-managed enterprises, operating wholly pursuant to the principles--and effectively utilizing the tools--developed and perpetuated by our Institute.

We believe that the principles of Self-Management, when wholly understood, yield a superior organizational structure and happier, more productive, colleagues. Together, the individual freedom and authority resulting from a truly Self-Managed enterprise yield an environment that mimics closely the principles, and progressive human benefits, of a free-market economy.