Commitment keeping comprises a large portion of the gumbo of effective organizational self-management. In turn, that rich, tasty and satisfying gumbo of commitment is ultimately what holds an organization together in a virtuous cycle of networked collaboration.

By R. Michael Anderson, MA, MBA. Published by Executive Joy! Publishing.

R. Michael Anderson’s book, Soul-Centered Leadership, offers a unique take on leadership congruent with organizational self-management.

Haier Elevation

By Doug Kirkpatrick

In the fall of 2012, at Haier (pronounced “higher”) headquarters in Qingdao, China, legendary Founder and CEO, Zhang Ruimin, Cofounder Ms. Yang Mian Mian, and other key leaders met to plan the transition to organizational self-management.

We live in the marketing age of all things natural, organic, and sustainable. Some astute observers are turning to the natural world for examples of practices that allow human beings to work together effectively in the age of the self-managed organization.

Like staccato bursts of data from the interstellar spacecraft Voyager, the workplaces of the future are sending new messages to the people that will be soon be joining them (and in many cases, already are). The new messages are replacing the outdated memos crafted for the dawn of the industrial age, when information traveled at the speed of Morse code.